The Visions for the Public Markets Major Redevelopment Site "D"

The Public Markets MRS is located within 4km of Portage and Main, immediately to the east of the future Southeast Rapid Transit Corridor and bounded by industrial lands to the north and east, and rail lines to the south and west, single family south of the rail lines to the south and commercial, single family and multi-family west of the rail lines to the west.

Approximately 185 acres of this total 222 acre Major Redevelopment Site has tremendous redevelopment potential as an infill, medium to high density housing, commercial and industrial development consistent with MRS policies outlined in Complete Communities on a vacant heavy (M3) industrial site.

The purpose for the public consultation process is to provide information on the Public Markets Area Master plan for the Major Redevelopment Site "D". It allows Olexa Developments to obtain stakeholder input on the Schematic Master Plan and Vision of how the area may be developed. Working in stakeholder groups, we create options for the Conceptual Site Plan to be presented for public input at the Public Open House.

Public Markets Conceptual Development Plan Survey

Share your ideas with us by taking part in the conceptual development plan survey.

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